2021 HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting

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All sessions and content listed below are available in this Educational Activity

Session 1: Crash and Burn: Cardiogenic Shock in 2021


Session 2: Sarcoidosis


Session 3: Psychosocial Evaluation for Advanced HF Therapies: Are we evaluating patients fairly?


Session 4: FDA Special Session: Focus on HFSA Research Network


Session 5: The Right Heart: No More the Forgotten Side


Session 6: Digesting EMPEROR-Preserved: The Evolving Treatment of HFpEF and Use of SGLT2i 


Session 7: Referral for Advanced Heart Failure


Session 8: Beyond PVR:  Assessing and Managing the Dysfunctional Right Ventricle (audio is poor -- sometimes low and sometimes high)


Session 9: Deep Learning for HF Medicine: A Practical Primer 


Session 10: Recent Advances and Update on Myocarditis


Session 11: Applying Genetics & Genomics in HF: Current Landscape & Future Directions


Session 12: Substance use in Tx and LVAD Candidates


Session 13: COVID and the HF Clinician


Session 14: Burned Out : Identifying and Managing Clinician Burnout and Mental Wellness 


Session 15: Late Breaking Clinical Trials I


Session 16: Cardio-oncology


Session 17: International Session - Universal Definition of HF


Session 18: Optimizing LVAD Management 


Session 19: Failing Organs in Patients with Advanced HF, Will a Cardiac Fix Fix the Rest?


Session 20: Innovation in Heart Transplant: The Future of the Field


Session 21: HFpEF 


Session 22: Role of Diet, Nutrition, & Body Composition in Patients with HF


Session 23: Dismantling Historical Systems of Inequity to Improve Access to Advanced Heart


Session 24: Failure Therapies for Diverse Populations 

Session 25: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Providing Comprehensive Care Based on Risk


Session 26: Virtual Health


Session 27: Best of JCF and HF Journal Round Table


Session 28: Innovative Strategies for Better LVAD Outcomes


Session 29: Excellence in Translational Science


Session 30: "Reexamining the 2018 Change in Heart Transplant Allocation Decisions: Are We Better Off Now? 


Session 31: FDA Special Session - Focus on HFSA Research Network


Session 32: Defining Constructs of Heart Failure: Biomarkers to Symptoms


Session 33: Emerging Devices/Procedures for Heart Failure 


Session 34: Care Transitions: Methods, Medications, Metrics, and More!


Session 35: Debate: Optimal Medical Therapy for HFrEF, Death of HVAD, and Oral Inotropy


Session 36: Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Is It Time To Update Our Definition


Session 37: JNC New Investigator Award (Basic Science / Clinical)


Session 38: Nursing New Investigator Award (Research / Clinical)


Session 39: Late Breaking Clinical Trials II 


Session 40: Clinical Conundrums (Multidisciplinary Case Discussion) 


Session 41: Revascularization in HF


Session 42: Unintended Side Effects: Polypharmacy, Adherence, & Financial Toxicity of Evolving GDMT for Heart Failure


Session 43: JNC and Nursing New Investigator Award Announcements and Hyde Park


Session 44: Cardiac Amyloidosis


Session 45: 2021 Plenary Session: Lessons for HF Care from the Pandemic: Imagining a Better New Normal

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