CCM® - A New Category of Device-Based Interventional HF Therapy (No CEUs)


The importance of accurately assessing the NYHA classification of patients with heart failure has never been higher! For almost two decades, the only devices available to treat heart failure have been cardiac resynchronization (CRT) devices. But now everything has changed. Patients that remain symptomatic despite being on GDMT have device options currently available. This session will explain cardiac contractility modulation therapy, how it works, and what you can expect regarding outcomes when utilizing this treatment for NYHA Class III patients who remain symptomatic despite guideline-directed medical therapy. The faculty panel will discuss the MoA of CCM® therapy, provide an overview of the historical and ongoing clinical trials, and share their experience of identifying appropriate candidates for this device therapy who have few or no other options available to them. Finally, this panel will discuss their patient experience dealing with the problematic question of quality of life versus quantity of life and how they feel about the research that has been done specifically with this heart failure population of patients.


Healthcare professionals who manage the care of heart failure patients.


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Learning Objectives:


  • Identify the indications for cardiac contractility modulation for the management of heart failure.
  • Describe the mechanism of action of cardiac contractility modulation and its effects on calcium cycling and genetic expression.
  • Review the data and clinical experience with CCM therapy and ongoing clinical research.
  • Review and share best practices for screening heart failure patients that remain symptomatic despite guideline directed medical treatment.
  • Discuss and review updated ESC Guidelines for the management of heart failure with device therapy.
  • Discuss Quality of Life versus Quantity of Life and how to approach this topic with patients.



Andrew J. Sauer, MD

Kansas City, KS


John Boehmer, MD

Hershey, PA


Javed Butler MD, MPH, MBA, FHFSA

Jackson, MS


Jean-Bernard Durand, MD

Houston, TX


Nirav Y. Raval, MD

Orlando, FL


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