HeartLogic™ Clinical Data and Integration Into Clinical Practice (No CEUs)


The HeartLogic™ Heart Failure diagnostic is a personalized, remote heart failure diagnostic and monitoring solution which uses multiple, novel physiologic sensors to detect worsening heart failure with high sensitivity and low-alert burden providing weeks of advanced notice to prompt proactive clinical intervention. Available for patients within the Boston Scientific RESONATE™ family of CRT-Ds and ICDs, HeartLogic has become increasingly integrated into heart failure patient management and supported by both growing clinical data and examples of successful implementation into clinical practice. This session will address foundational data supporting HeartLogic, recently published data from the MANAGE-HF Clinical Trial and examples of real-world implementation into clinical practice.


Healthcare professionals who manage the care of heart failure patients.


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Learning Objectives:


  • Discuss current heart failure (HF) remote patient monitoring landscape.
  • Review HeartLogic HF diagnostic and foundational clinical trial data.
  • Share results from MANAGE-HF Clinical Trial—Phase I.
  • Highlight real-world implementation and utilization of HeartLogic in clinical practice



Andrew Sauer, MD

The University of Kansas Medical Center


Larry Allen MD, MHS, FHFSA

University of Colorado School of Medicine


Marat Fudim, MD

Duke University, Duke Clinical Research Institute


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