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Heart Failure Seminar: Focus on Sleep - Failure to Sleep (OnDemand)
 1.5 CME
Cardio Bites: What is Amyloidosis
 No Credit
Heart Failure Beat: From Policy to Practice: The Evolution of Heart Transplant Allocation, UNOS and What Lies Ahead (Episode 22)
2023 HF-CERT Bootcamp Series
 No Credit
Heart Failure Beat: Coronary Revascularization in Ischemic Heart Failure (Episode 21)
HFSA Heart Failure Seminar - Focus on Devices (Navigating the HF Patient Journey: Devices and New Guidelines) - OnDemand
 Multiple Credits
Heart Failure Beat Podcast - Pearls and Pitfalls for the General Practitioner Treating Heart Failure (Episode 20)
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Equity in Heart Transplant - The Conversation Continues (Episode 19)
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Management of Patients on Durable MCS (Episode 18)
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Season 3 - Considerations in the Management of Heart Failure (Episode 17)
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Season 3 - AHFTC Faculty Promotion Tips (Episode 16)
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Season 3 - Complementary and Alternative Medicines (Episode 15)
Board Course Review 2023 Spotlight: Cardiac Transplantation
 Multiple Credits
Board Course Review 2023 Spotlight: Shock/MCS
 Multiple Credits
HFSA Heart Failure Certification (HF-CERT) Exam Information
 No Credit
Focus on Ischemic and Valvular Heart Disease: Debates on Best Outcomes with Percutaneous vs Surgical Interventions
 Multiple Credits
2022 SAT6 Pushing Back Against HCM: Can Cardiac Myosin Inhibitors Alter the Disease Progression & Management Trajectory for Patients With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy?
2022 SAT8: Expert Perspectives on the Evolving Treatment Paradigm in Heart Failure Management
2022 SAT1 Healio SAT Management of HFrEF: Will Novel Therapies Fit Into Existing Treatment Paradigms?
2022 SAT7 New Horizons in Treating Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Practice Changing Molecules and Data
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