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The Economics of HF: Exploring Social Determinants and Financial Burden in the Care of Patients with HF
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Heart failure is growing in prevalence and associated with considerable economic costs to the health system. Furthermore, heart failure can result in catastrophic expenditures for patients and caregivers. High levels of out-of-pocket costs are associated with poor health outcomes, yet financial burden is rarely considered in day-to-day practice or in clinical trials. Moreover, social determinants of health can hinder access to medications and advanced therapies. This session will explore the economics aspects of heart failure care with focus on cost to the health system and the impact of the financial burden for patients and caregivers.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain how the components of heart failure care contribute to rising costs for the health system.
  • Develop a framework for assessing the impact of financial burden and social determinants on patients and caregivers, with focus on access to therapies and health outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities for further research, interventions, policy innovations and advocacy that will address financial burden and social determinants for patients with heart failure.
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