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The Intersection of Cardio-Oncology and Advanced Heart Failure; from Stage A to D
General Meeting Information

This session will be an overview of the rapidly evolving landscape of cardio-oncology as how it pertains to the heart failure practitioner. The session will start with a lecture on the fundamentals building a cardio- oncology program for the heart failure practitioner. The second talk will describe the current status of screening modalities for cardio-toxicity including biomarkers and imaging. The third will update recent advances in prevention and treatment of anthracycline and trastuzumab induced cardiotoxicity. The fourth lecture will focus on newer agents that have been associated with cardiotoxicity including tyrosine kinase inhibitors, Ibrutinib as well as BRAF/MEK inhibitors. The fifth talk will summarize the rapidly developing field of immunotherapy related cardiac adverse events. The session will end with a talk on cardio-oncology considerations in advanced heart failure and thus cover the whole spectrum of the intersection of cardio-oncology and heart failure, from stage A to D. This comprehensive overview of cardio-oncology will foster better understanding of this emerging field within the heart failure community.

Learning Objectives
  • To discuss fundamental steps in building a cardio-oncology program.
  • To review new advances in screening and management of traditional cardiotoxicities due to cardiotoxicities including agents like tyrosine kinase inhibitors, immunotherapies, ibrutinib and BRAF and MEK inhibitors.
  • To identify the risk factors of outcomes of patients with cancer treatment related cardio-toxicity and advanced heart failure.
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Cost: Member: $29.00
Non-Member: $45.00
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