Optimal Medical Therapy in Heart Failure Certificate Program (OMT-HF)


The Optimal Medical Therapy in Heart Failure Certificate Program (OMT-HF) is an assessment-based certificate program that recognizes the critical role that non-heart failure specialists play in optimal medical therapy (OMT) for patients with heart failure, and seeks to help them develop the skills needed to assess the condition of patients with heart failure and apply practical aspects of optimal medical management, specifically focused on heart failure medications, from initiation to titration to target doses to optimal management overtime.

Non-heart failure specialist providers who prescribe and routinely manage heart failure medications. This includes healthcare providers (with prescribing privileges) who manage patients with heart failure, including Physicians (general cardiologists, hospitalists, and family practice physicians/internists who treat patients with heart failure but were not heart failure specialists), nurse practitioners (NPs) who manage patients with HF, and physician assistants (PAs) who manage patients with HF. It also iacludes non-prescribing health care professionals who are involved in medical management of heart failure, such as clinical pharmacists, nurses, or case managers.

Program Overview


Although several classes of medication have been shown in randomized clinical trials to improve outcomes in HF, many patients do not receive these medications, or receive them at lower than optimal doses. This program focuses on optimized medical therapy (OMT) for HF, which can be understood as optimal utilization and dosing of these evidence-based treatments. Our focus in this program is HF with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF); however, HF with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is also discussed.


To build your knowledge of OMT for HF, this program includes the following components:

  • Introduction to the Program and OMT
  • Module 1: Available Medical Therapy for Heart Failure
  • Module 2: Managing OMT to Target Doses
  • Module 3: Management Across the Care Continuum

After completing this program, you will have a current understanding of evidence-based therapies for HF, limitations and challenges in their utilization, and principles for uptitration to target or best-tolerated doses.



Certificate Available

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