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Heart Failure Certification (HF-CERT) Exam Information
Heart Failure Certification (HF-CertTM)
The Heart Failure Certification (HF-Cert™)  has been developed to recognize providers who have demonstrated advanced-level knowledge and skill to provide competent heart failure services in the United States. Heart failure providers demonstrate proficiency in a variety of settings including but not limited to academic medical centers, hospitals, medical group practices, ambulatory care, long term care, and military treatment facilities. The HF-Cert professional provides assessment, treatment, and management of the patient with heart failure by ideally, or preferably, utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach in a patient-centered manner. Such a provider could include a cardiologist, internist, hospitalist, emergency physician, intensivist, family practitioner, clinical pharmacist, physician assistant, and a registered nurse with a graduate degree. Look below for more details about the HF-Cert program. View the HF-Cert Handbook for full program information, requirements, and policies.

More details and exam information can be found HF-CERTTM page.
Cost: Member: $300.00
Non-Member: $550.00
No Credit Offered
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