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Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Current Season 2023
Heart Failure Beat Podcast: Season 2023

The Heart Failure Beat is an original podcast series developed by HFSA that features candid conversations about the topics that heart failure professionals face on a daily basis.

The following podcasts can be found at the following URLs:

Episode 11: Heart Failure Beat Introducing Our New Co-Hosts

Episode 12: Heart Failure Science: Top Takeaways from 2022 Part I 

Episode 13: Heart Failure Science: Top Takeaways from 2022 Part II 

Episode 14: Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicines  

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Heart_Failure_Beat_Introducing_Our_New_Co_Hosts (Episode 11)
Heart_Failure_Beat_6_Heart_Failure_Year_in_Review_2022_Part_I (Episode 12)
Heart_Failure_Beat_Heart_Failure_Year_in_Review_2022_Part_2 (Episode 13)
Heart_Failure_Beat_Exploring_Complementary_and_Alternative_Medicines_in_HF (Episode 14)
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